Accommodation in Valencia

Valencia, the third biggest city in Spain, offers an extraordinary combination of city, sun and shoreline, with incredible Valencia shoreline villas to look over, and a lot of cool things to do! Valencia has a blend of old and new buildings, giving it a genuine exceptional feel of its own. From medieval castles and towers to pioneer and craftsmanship Deco design, from nice little shops to big shopping centers, Valencia has it all. And of course, there are plenty of great places to eat and drink too!

Visiting a city in Spain as opposed to an expensive hotel or resort allows a glimpse into the real working day of the people and their lives. It’s a great money-saving option to consider if you are looking for a cheap holiday to Valencia.  Sun-kissed shores, a flourishing foodie scene, and insane parties make Valencia one of the best urban communities to visit in Spain.  Mix in the perfect climate, friendly locals, and a smart urban planning, and you might never want to leave.

One of the most visited by couples is the so-called street of colors in the Barrio del Carmen, a narrow alleyway decorated with murals.  One of these shows an anonymous couple embraced in a passionate kiss, copied from a photo taken at London Bridge Station in 2012.  Lovers often stop there to recreate the scene and immortalize it with a Selfie.

Famous Places of Valencia

Accommodation in valencia.The beaches of Valencia- Many would state that an occasion in the sun is incomplete without a visit to the shoreline. Fortunately, the city of Valencia has many shorelines along its coastline, several of which are unspoilt and undeveloped places to sit down and chill, and maybe take a dip in the lovely blue sea here.

The central squares - The plazas or squares in Spain are frequently tree-lined, with wonderfully cool shaded spots to get away from the intense summer sun. They are normally ringed with different paths, access points and obscure roads, leading out onto different courtyards, and in some cases, even more pretty plazas or squares.

The City of Arts and Sciences -The 'City of Arts and Sciences' in Valencia is broadly recommended as a must-see for any first-time visitor to the city. The rather tongue twisting name for it refers to a group of futuristic buildings designed by local architects, namely Santiago Calatrava and Félix Candela, and who built this amazing place in stages, starting in 1998, at the seaward end of the old Turia river bed.

Best hotels in Valencia

Hospes Palau de La Mar -  This chic five-star hotel, near the Turia Gardens and boutiques of Sorní and Cirilo Amarós avenues, was a stupendous royal palace in the nineteenth century. It now offers flawless rooms with marble washrooms, a radiant spa, swimming pool and massage treatments.

Hotel Balandret - The new Balandret is an a la mode boutique hotel right on the shoreline in Valencia. You can amble out onto the promenade for a walk or bicycle ride or simply keep running into the ocean. On the off chance that you can't be tried to move, the restaurant terrace is perfect for a frosty brew or two or comfortable paella at lunchtime. You get a warm welcome from the smiling staff, which is ready with suggestions of how to get around and where to eat. In-room massages and other treatments are available and there is a very pleasant, quiet lounge area on the first floor overlooking the beach. 

The Westin Valencia - The five-star Westin Valencia is a haven of classic elegance in a good location just outside the historic centre. With spacious rooms, attentive service, a good range of restaurants and a superb spa, this is a hotel where you can spend all day relaxing in peace if you feel like it. The hotel, which opened a decade ago, occupies a 19th-century Art Nouveau building, with a large courtyard garden in the centre. There is tons of marble-floored space and a calm, highly civilized atmosphere throughout.

Vincci Palace - For a weekend of shopping, eating and celebrating in Valencia, the Vincci Palace possesses all the necessary qualities splendidly, offering extravagant rooms, period features, and great value for money close to the city's cathedral and old town. The palatial façade would suggest something classic, but inside it’s all distinctly modern. The palatial façade would suggest something classic and maybe a bit fusty, but inside it’s all distinctly modern with cream and chocolate furnishings and a nocturnal vibe. Lots of original features have been retained in the handsome building, including the grand staircase. If you are going to Valencia for a fun weekend of shopping, eating and nightlife, this would fit the bill perfectly.

Caro Hotel - Memorable, palatial luxury in the heart of old Valencia, near Turia Gardens and the city's cathedral. The rooms are all exceptionally designed, however the most fascinating is the Arab Tower, which highlights an area of the twelfth century city wall, and has the bed on a mezzanine level. Decorated by the Barcelona designer Francesc Rifé, the 26 rooms are all different, with soothing, neutral tones offsetting the many and varied original features. One of the most interesting rooms is the Arab Tower, which features a section of the 12th-century city wall, and has the bed on a mezzanine level. There is free, fast Wi-Fi, toiletries are by Bulgari and hairdryers are professional standard.

This popular seaside city in Spain boasts a lively and cosmopolitan atmosphere, while offering a huge range of things to see and do, from admiring the fantastic and modern architecture to visiting the older municipal and historical buildings scattered around the city, and, if you’re there at the right time, experiencing the captivating Fallas festival. Be sure to find the best place to stay during your time with our guide.

 You are invited to this wonderful place to explore and enjoy the historic leftovers and natural beauty at your convenience. The city enjoys a regular visit of tourists from different corners of the world, coming to view and enjoy the picturesque natural beauty and peaceful ambience. Reserve your tickets and come for a relaxed vacation here.

Why choose a property in Valencia?

Welcome to luxury living in the heart of Valencia. The outskirts of Valencia offer a rich variety of bespoke properties for your new life abroad. More than just another holiday resort, these properties have lasting value and will return your investment. There is an abundance of choice in the Spanish property market and, from the outside, to choose a Property in Valencia, ahead of other areas, might seem a difficult one. But, ask anyone “why choose a property in Valencia?”, and the situation becomes much clearer. The short answer to the question is simple. There are few places in the world, which offer the combination of factors that Valencia can. Choosing property in Valencia gives you access to weather comparable to Southern California, and Florida. The climate is a huge factor as why to choose a property in Valencia. The hot summer is bookended by a long spring and autumn while winter is mild with crisp mornings and clear blue skies.